Designing production lines and installations

Experience of years of activity of our designers allow implementing effective solutions to companies tailored to their needs.

Designing of complete production lines and technological installations

One of the main activity of IP System Manufacturing is designing production lines and technological installations. The potential and flexibility of the organizational structure of our company allow for implementing projects regardless of project scale, ranging from small and not very complicated till complete installations of industrial facilities.

We use advanced 3D design software that allow full visualization and capturing of non-compliance of construction at that stage. Thanks to many years of work in this environment, we provide a high standard of technological solutions and functional and spatial of machinery and equipment. Functions and the distribution of machines and equipment are always adapted to the requirements of our customers. Our ultimate goal is that the proposed installation (object) as well as project itself will meet the expectations of the Investor and simultaneously meet the formal and technical requirements resulting from existing legislation and standards. (EU Directives, Laws, Regulations, Standards, Specifications, etc.)

A full range of design work:
  • We provide both single industry projects (technological, structural, electrical, construction, instrumentation, installation, etc.) as well as development of comprehensive projects (covering many technology branches)
  • Depending on the complexity of installations, objects or processes to be implemented, we develop single or multi-stage design (from conceptual design to detailed design).
  • All of our studies are tested and reviewed by specialists and experts respective fields.
  • During the project we cooperate with the Investor in the formal legal steps necessary to obtain zoning, building permits, occupancy permits, etc.
  • To Achieve high quality designed objects and installations we provide author supervision carried out by our designers at all stages of implementation (construction, equipment manufacturing, object assembly, commissioning, etc.) which is a prerequisite for correct implementation of the facility, installation or its individual components.
  • To get the desired effect we use knowledge, experience and creative potential of our designers, we also use the help of many professional offices, laboratories and research facilities.

Innovative Solutions

The effectiveness of the innovative solutions that we provided is best proven by the fact of numerous implementation of the prototype installations, which successfully fulfill tasks put to them. Basing on its innovative concept we designed:

  • prototype production department of mineral fertilizers
  • prototype production line of tablets for dishwashers
  • prototype instalation of dosing aluminum and magnesium dust

Typical technological installations and facilities

For customers looking for the optimum in terms of results, cost and time of implementation of typical technological installations solutions and facilities, we offer proven solutions suited to client’s individual  conditions. Basing on our projects were implemented installations and production lines for wide range of products.

To find out more please visit the section of selected projects.