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Explosion protection

IP System Manufacturing provides a comprehensive analysis of the explosion risk of installations operating in the plant. We deliver and instal systems of explosion protection for installations and equipment being at risk of explosion. We provide explosion protection basing on our projects. To learn more please visit the services section – explosion protection.

We also invite you to check selected list of our projects containing explosion protection:

Analysis of the risks of explosion


The explosion risk assessment of the installation working at the tea faculty, starch, station of big-bag – Everest and pneumatic transport installation.

  • Inventory of the process installations for the risk assessment
  • Classification of equipment and facility in accordance with ATEX including:
    • explosion risk analysis (for each point of the installation concerned – identification and assess threats)
    • determination of explosion hazard zones (handing installation drawings with marked the explosion hazard zones and the conclusions and recommendations presenting security manner where it is necessary)
  • Perform risk analysis enabled the adaptation of machines and their surroundings to the existing ATEX rules and directives

Siloses explosion protection


Explosion protection system of silo installation.

  • Modernisation of the line technology including installation of new storage tanks of stainless steel.
  • Explosion protection system for silo, adapted to current standards
  • Protection against the moving of effects of explosion beyond silo. Isolation of explosion made ​​using a powder system which are cylinders with damping substance actuated by means of optical sensors, which was installed on the inlet pipe to the silo and aspiration piping
  • classification of the equipment and facility in accordance with ATEX including:
  • Analysis of risks of explosion
  • Selection of protective devices against explosion
  • Marking explosion hazard zones
  • Transportation of substances implemented pneumatically
  • Installation of weighing and transport with screw conveyors

Transportation of highly explosive materials


Installation of dispensing of aluminum dust and aluminum and magnesium mixture to existing mixers.

  • Increased transport efficiency through the use of a new pneumatic system (vacuum transport using a vacuum pump), in the context of productivity increase.
  • The new (manual) system of dispensing particulate aluminum-magnesium (Al-Mg) to the existing Eirich mixer, and to a new Eirich mixer ensures encapsulation of the process (minimizing the hazard zone of explosion)
  • System protection against explosion for the weighting tank (in consultation with companies specializing in the selection of protection systems)
  • Implementation of emergency exhaust ventilation (10 times more air exchange) on the station of filling powders into a pneumatic transport system
  • Exchange of the equipment on an existing line (dispenser systems, weighing system, valve of tank weighing , etc.) resulting in adaptation the existing equipment to explosion hazard zones (minimum zone 22) and protected against a possible outbreak.

In implementation of explosion protection projects IP System Manufacturing uses the equipment of renowned brands. We also provide equipment designed by us based on our projects.