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Big-bag systems

Big-bags are the most popular large-capacity packaging used in the market. In terms of this system IP System Manufacturing offers complete solutions for processes of loading and unloading of big-bag. Optimization of these processes generate a better organization and efficiency of the production process. We supply complete systems for big-bags on the basis of our projects.

We invite you to become familiar with selected list of projects containing big-bag systems:

Energy drinks


Syrup preparation system based on sugar and sweeteners in the Zabierzów plant.

  • Production of energy drink syrup that supply bottling line with a working capacity of:  cans 250ml – 50 000 cans/ h PET 1000 ml capacity 10 000 items/ h.
  • Technological project of deployment the syrup production equipment has enabled full automation of the production process, connection to other sections
  • Technological optimization of CIP station has enabled the full automation of the washing process and preparation of appropriate cleaning solutions.
  • Achieving high reproducibility of production for the final product.

Salt - technological transportation


Installation of salt loading and unloading from the mill

  • The system of pneumatic transportation of salt from a storage silo consists of two separate installations:
    • Installation of pneumatic transport of salt to the fourth floor
    • Installation of salt transport to the mill – a new installation based on an independent fan and dispenser – efficiency 3,5 t / h
  • The piping system of the pneumatic transportation system was modified, two-way splitter was eliminated, the main cause of clogging the pipeline in the previous installation
  • Modification of salt infeed system from the silo to the pneumatic transport systems allows simultaneous loading of salt to two independent pneumatic conveying installations
  • Salt hopper tank is used to assembly of product inventory in order to evenly supply pneumatic transport. The tank is equipped with assistive devices for discharge in the form of a pneumatic hammer and membranes
  • Magnetic separator in the exit from the dispenser protect against entering ferromagnetic impurities to the installation
  • Pulse dust collector eliminates dust around the zone of filling the buffer tank
  • After grinding, the product is loaded with screw conveyor into the Big-bag set on the  weight platform. Sensor system allows full automation of the loading process. To ensure the dust-free filling of BIG-BAG, the screw conveyor is equiped metering valve
  • The bag with the contents is received from the position with a forklift

Organic and mineral fertilizers


Supply, implementation and installation of fertilizer production department. The technological line is composed of nodes: granulation, blending, and packaging of the product. The final product is a mineral-organic or mineral fertilizer – in the form of granular pellets. System efficency – 2 t / h.

  • Modular design enables the implementation production process by combining the respective transport routes and the implementation of different blends.
  • Production reporting system
  • Security system with the designation of hazardous areas according to ATEX and use of equipment dedicated for them.
  • Minimized the length of road transport through double-deck arranged individual machines of the production process.
  • Prototype Installation

Mineral granules


Installation of the preparation of granules

  • Design, construction and commissioning of production lines of granules
  • Multilevel arrangement of process equipment reduced the distance between the individual processes so that the work of the entire system runs in without conflict, both technological and logistical
  • The use in the installation of high quality components of machinery and equipment made ​​it possible to automate and minimize the participation of operators in the production process
  • Properly designing of mechanical part made ​​it possible to equip the installation of the preparation of granules in installation of monitoring and visualization of automation system
  • A recuperator allows for heat recovery from exhaust air outside the building and pre-heating the air blown in the drying system. This solution greatly reduces energy costs in the production process
  • High repeatability of the process makes that we get high-quality product

In implementation of big-bag systems IP System Manufacturing uses the equipment of renowned brands. We also provide equipment designed by us based on our projects.