Explosion protection

A comprehensive assessment the risks of explosion of the industrial installations and risk prevention.

Explosion protection

The technique entails the risk – this particularly concern those industries where we have to deal with explosive atmospheres. Many companies are exposed to this risk, especially from the chemical, food and agriculture industry.

The source of explosive atmospheres are created during manufacturing processes flammable gases, dusts, vapours and their mixtures with air that are forming a hybrid explosive mixtures. Under favorable conditions, i.e. the concentration of gas, dust and vapour in the air and source of incendiary, explosion may occur, which results in the spread of flame and pressure effects. These two factors cause damage to equipment and buildings and pose a serious threat to humans.

NOTE: The regulations in Poland requires employers to prevent the formation of explosive atmospheres, to develop a risk analysis of explosion and designation of explosion hazard zone and the use of restrictive measures against the effects of an explosion (Regulation of the Minister of Economy dated 8 July 2010 on minimum requirements for health and safety associated with the possibility of occuring explosive atmospheres in workplace  – Coll. Laws No. 138, item. 931).

The purpose of explosion protection are activities that reduce the explosion hazard and the effects of uncontrolled explosions. In this scope IP System Manufacturing offers:

1. Reducing the risk of explosion by technical means:

  • Avoiding explosive atmosphere (such as aspiration systems, Inerting)
  • Liquidation of potential ignition sources (eg, mechanically generated sparks, static electricity)

2.  Selection, supply and installation of explosion protection

  • Explosion venting systems
  • Explosion suppression systems
  • Systems cut-off explosion
  • Explosion proof devices

For each case is treated individually following stages:

  1. We define risk by analysis the risk of explosion
  2. We define possible technical and organizational measures to reduce the risk of explosion
  3. We select, supply and install protection against restrictive effects of uncontrolled explosions taking into account the specification of technological system and the economic aspect.