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22 years of activity

Certainty and security achieved through 10 years of experience allow IP System Manufacturing to offer security and professionalism, quality and flexibility in close cooperation with the customer.

Certyfikat Autodesk

In our work we use the latest Autodesk software


 HBM is a German company that for 60 years is the world leader in electronic measurement techniques based on principles of classical extensometry thrust. HBM implements combinations and delivery of:

  • tensometric converters weight, force, torque and pressure
  • electronic systems and industrial equipment of selected elements of measurement systems
  • extensometers and applications related to issues of experimental stress analysis
  • laboratory measuring equipment

SEW – Eurodrive

Drives and motors from SEW-EURODRIVE for a long time set the trend in drive technology. Therefore, the designation “made by SEW” has become a mark of quality drive solutions in the market. Range of geared motors from SEW allows you to find the right drive for every task. SEW-EURODRIVE is a global manufacturer of gearmotors, reducers, variators, electric motors, servo drives and frequency converters (inverters). They offer a complete range of geared motors: cylindrical, flat and bevel. Their innovative drive solutions are applicable in all sectors and industries such as chemical, automotive, food, building, etc. The company provide versions for use in explosive environments and other demanding corrosive conditions. The offer also includes industrial gearboxes and planetary with torque up to 1000 kNm.

SEW-EURODRIVE provides selection, sales and the launch of ready-made solutions for the application.

Use of propulsion technology “made by SEW-EURODRIVE” is a guarantee of functionality and provides protection for your investment.